My experience at Alvaro and Angela’s home was absolutely amazing. First off, their home is located in the countryside near the town of Vilcún. Their house is gorgeous, very cozy, clean, and had comfortable beds. They are both incredible cooks and will gladly offer you breakfast, lunch, and dinner while you’re staying with them (Peruvian cooking lessons too!). All the meals I ate were homemade, delicious, and sourced from local farms in the area. They were very knowled geable about the area and had plenty of information and maps to provide. Alvaro did me a major favor and went to the bus station for me in Temuco and purchased my bus ticket back to Santiago because my foreign CC would not be accepted on the bus companies website. They both are very well traveled and have lived interesting lives. They also are very active volunteers in the local community. Alvaro is a former environmental consultant and he is working hard to get residents in the area to be more environmentally conscious. All in all I really enjoyed my time spent with them. You will not regret a staying with at Alvaro and Angela! It was a real pleasure meeting them.